The Interview

The Interview

Mistress Vixen of Derbyshire

How did I get started?

I started at Cruella as a trainee photographer and editor on their magazines. I enjoyed that and also enjoyed watching and reading about the dominant women. My enthusiasm for dominance and power grew. I was lucky enough to be offered a place on a shoot, I wasn’t always as confident as I am now with a whip! Many years before I started at Cruella I played in that same quarry as a child. I used to dare one of the lads to jump from ever higher rocks, just another sign of early dominance I guess as he just couldn’t say no and kept going ever higher. A bit dangerously high at times but he survived!

What do I expect?

I expect openness, honesty, and sincerity to begin with. I would expect every client to have a genuine desire to explore their submissive side with Me and to be mentally and physically willing to do so. They must be emotionally healthy and have respect for themselves and myself. Age, size doesn’t bother Me. It is true some of you could do with a few more hours down the gym! Seeing a male grovel and suffer for Me does it for Me!

You can trust me:

Trust is a big thing, if you are tied up, you are pretty much powerless, if I walk on Your chest with heels like 6 inch nails I really could pierce your heart. If I cut the blood off from your pathetic balls for too long they will drop off. Slaves have to trust me, and I am trustworthy with a great deal of experience. It might hurt a lot, but you are safe with me! When booking a session most of the time it is expected that I will cause the slave pain. Between us there will be an understanding of what level of pain. I can do severe pain, but you must trust in Me that I will keep to Your limits, or maybe just push them a little bit. I want you to come back after all. If you couldn’t trust Me you wouldn’t come and see Me. If you are not honest with Me it may hurt more than you can deal with, wimp! The pain is only temporary anyway!

How far do I push?

I give slaves the safe word Strawberries. It’s such a nice word isn’t it? I think safe words are important but I do like to push slaves, in most sessions I would like to hear it once, or at least get close to hearing it. If slaves are reasonably communicative I probably know before You when it is going to come spluttering out. Sometimes when I think slaves are trying to be a little too brave for their own good I might prompt, if they don’t take the hint a little tweak more pain tends to do the trick. It’s there for your safety, I will always respect its meaning.

I’m not all scary:

Though many of you are intimidated by Me having watched My videos, one of the things I am most often complimented on is My approachability. When slaves summon up the nerve to come and see Me in person a great many comment on how “normal” and approachable I am. Sadly some of your pathetic male brains struggle with that, yes I am approachable so long as the approach is appropriate and respectful, yes I enjoy your adoration but no I am not going to fall in love with You and no I don’t want to chat all day, and no you can’t have a session for free! Submitting to Me isn’t a weakness, it is just knowing your correct place in life. Certainly during a session I am happy to work on your weaknesses, and most of you have many! I do appreciate what My submissive’s do for me, but only so long as they are doing it for the right reasons. They need to be doing it to help and support me, not for what they think they may get out of it.

What do I get out of our sessions:

Well the fee helps pay for shoes whips, clothes and premises, at the end of the day it is a business and I have to cover my overheads. On the other hand, having a respectful slave look Me in the eye as he winces under My whip or cringes as I touch his cock when it is locked in Kalis teeth makes me tingle with excitement. I do get a real buzz out of My sessions as I think anyone who has had one would agree. I really love reading their bodies, observing the little (or not so little in your case) twitches and movements as they react to what’s being done to them. They have paid to receive pain and or humiliation from Me, I know that given a little time most of them will take much more than they anticipated just to try and please or impress me. Power is a great aphrodisiac and making slaves suffer because I have the power makes me feel great! Strapons are a great display of dominance – many slaves find it difficult to take, many don’t really enjoy it, and few have it on their initial wish list. For Me I love the power exchange, I am imposing Myself on them, invading their inner body whilst they are bound and helpless. I suspect most that receive my strap-on have dreamed of putting their cock in Me, instead here I am forcing my cock in them, and My cock if bigger and better! I have the power and I enjoy it!

Is Chastity Important?

Maybe not if you are just an occasional player. If however You come to see me regularly then yes I do like to see the respect and control imposed by chastity. It isn’t necessary, but it is a nice respectful touch. I love to see pre-cum dripping from between the bars restraining a frustrated cock. For distance slaves I enjoy making them use the numbered security tags and requiring evidence that all is still safely locked up. Chastity without a lot of teasing isn’t as challenging though, so I like My chastity slaves to come and get some teasing and denial regularly.

Do you need a list of session wants?

It’s all about showing respect and appreciating Me. Though I provide a service I don’t just provide a menu of choices, much better to pick a theme, or provide a few suggestions and we can go with the flow. You are after all a pathetic male and not very difficult to read! It’s not about your desire to lick a pair of boots it’s about you wanting you to worship them because they are My boots and I deserve it.

You might not know:

Outside of being Mistress Vixen one thing I would love to do is jump from an aeroplane, with a parachute! I think I may try and do one in aid of cancer research, wonder if I could get many slaves to sponsor me?


I like being offered gifts by slaves that attend sessions; I don’t expect gifts as they are already paying for My time. It does however show some thought and appreciation. I would prefer that a slave paid for a session with Me rather than just sending gifts. I am a people person I can build a relationship and judge people from a face to face encounter; it is much more difficult to judge the real incentive behind an impersonal gift. If you can’t attend a session however my wishlist is here:


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