Last week i was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to meet with Mistress Vixen, this post reveals what went on and my feelings about it. i hope it will give those of you who have never yet met Mistress Vixen, but hope to do so, the encouragement to do so. i have conferred with Mistress Vixen before posting the message.

This isn’t intended to be a fawning sycophantic account of what went on, but i was mightily impressed!

i was at work on Wednesday morning when i got a phone call from webby saying that it may be possible for me to meet with Mistress Vixen that evening. This wasn’t to be a full session just a quick drink. i was rather taken aback and nearly found an excuse, but it is something i have wanted to do for a long time, and it wasn’t likely to be offered again in a hurry, so i agreed to come along. webby was great on the phone, very relaxed talking to me like a friend, it was reassuring.

On finishing work i rang webby again and agreed a place and time. My head was bussing now, what would happen? Would this meeting ruin the fantasies of years gone by? Would i chicken out at the last minute? Would Mistress Vixen be dressed like a dominatrix, or in jeans and jumper? Maybe She wore Laura Ashley flowery dresses when “off duty”! Did She live the lifestyle or was it all an act? Was i supposed to kneel and grovel, or would that look stupid? Help, what am i doing….

On arriving at the location, Mistress Vixen was staying in a hotel as a result of car trouble, i rang once more, Mistress Vixen replied and said She would send webby down to fetch me. Help, “fetch me”, what does that mean? After a few minutes webby came down to the lobby, he greeted me like an old friend, phew, maybe it was going to be alright after all.

As we climbed the stairs my heart was racing, a couple of quick knocks on the room door 301 (not Room 101 for Mistress Vixen video buffs!) and we were in, PANIC! No one has ever told me how to greet a Dominatrix, i don’t think i did a very good job, Mistress Vixen said hello and held out her hand in greeting, i was still trying to come to terms with having made it through the door, i held Her hands and sort of pathetically waggled it. Thinking back i think i should have asked if i may kiss it, yes that would have been better. No matter, i was there, no point going back now!
I have been watching Mistress Vixen on videos for several years now. My feeling has been that She has grown in beauty as She has matured. So what did She look like in real life? Well, fantastic is probably the best word, but falls short somehow. This lady truly has got an amazing body. She was dressed in a grey figure hugging short dress, and had “those” white boots on, Mm Mmm. This was the real deal, no photoshop required.

Webby made us all a hot drink and i was immediately made at ease. i sat on a chair, the very one on which Mistress Vixen sits for some of the latest members video if i am not mistaken. webby sat on bench and Mistress Vixen laid on the bed. We discussed many things, what i liked and what i didn’t about Mistress Vixen and her website, what i thought could be improved, my experiences of BDSM (none!) and some discussions of Her plans. i have written to Mistress Vixen a number of times over the years, She genuinely does like getting feedback on the site and videos.
I have always tried to be a good boy and look ladies in the eye, not talking to their breasts or letting my eyes wander too much, but Mistress Vixen is an exquisite example of the female of the species, i hope my wandering eyes weren’t too obvious! There is much more to Mistress Vixen though than mere looks, She has a great personality, and lives such an interesting lifestyle its impossible not to be fascinated.

As the conversation progressed Mistress Vixen requested a cigarette, webby offered this on his knees, he then picked up the lighter, he gave it to me. HELP again! Now what was i supposed to do now? i could wander across and hand it to Mistress Vixen, i could wander across, lean down and light the cigarette for Her, or i could go across to the bed, kneel and try and light it properly. What was She expecting, how stupid would i look if i made the wrong choice? i walked over towards the bed, sort of mumbled something about doing this properly, went to my knees and lit Mistress Vixen’s cigarette. WOW, my first submissive act before Mistress Vixen, not sure why i did it, but it felt so right!

The chat carried on as if i hadn’t performed my great deed, i was happy as hopefully that meant i had done what was expected and right. Webby apologised for not being able to offer me a “proper” drink, i offered to buy him and Mistress Vixen one. webby declined but Mistress Vixen said yes. Mistress Vixen said She would prefer to have it brought back to the room, i would have loved to see the guys faces in the bar if Mistress Vixen had walked down there, eyes out on stalks i suspect! Now i knew what She would want, it would be Rose wouldn’t it? How happy was i when She said, a medium glass of Rose please?

As i went to get the drinks i was so pleased i had kept my nerves in check, we had had a nice evening and i could cope with kneeling to light a cigarette, maybe if i was lucky She would let me light one more before i had to go?

As i returned with the drinks something was different, all the lights had gone out. i had taken the key card to work the lift, the room lights go out if you do so!! Once the key card was back in i knelt and offered Mistress Vixen Her drink. Something else had changed though, Mistress Vixen was still laying on the bed, but now there only seemed to be two things in the room, Her and Her schooling whip, it was laying beside Her, it is very long, and rather thicker than i had realised from watching the videos, that would hurt! It hadn’t been there before, surely i would have noticed! Mistress Vixen asked if i recognised the whip, oh yes, i certainly did, i have heard it sing through the air and bite into flesh on many a video.

The chat resumed, after a while Mistress Vixen got up, now holding the whip and ordered webby to strip. Phew, She hadn’t told me to, what would i have done if She had? Webby knelt before Mistress Vixen, he is a big man. i am 6ft and he is considerably taller, Mistress Vixen is not 6 ft by any means! However Her domination of him is effortless, She strikes an imposing figure with Her boot on his chastity cage as he kneels naked before Her. Ordered to lay across the bottom of the bed Mistress Vixen whipped him several times, they sounded impressive and yes i was right that whip really must hurt. Webby was ordered to go and kneel in the corner. “How about you? what’s your pain threshold like?” “Pretty pathetic i would think”. “Come on lets try” The conversation at this point may not have sounded like that at all. This was it, i had dreamt and fanaticised of this for years, Mistress Vixen wanted to whip me. What should i do, was She teasing, did She really expect me to kneel over the bed. “Er um, well” was about all i managed. But i was out of my chair and walking towards Her, the dream was becoming a reality. When webby had rung earlier in the day we had agreed a drink, i had, if i am honest fanaticised that Mistress Vixen would dominate me but never expected it to happen.

As i got nearer the foot of the bed i mumbled something pathetic like shall i keep my trousers on, i had seen the welts on webbies arse raise in no time. “No i think trousers and pants off”. Now we were entering a whole new dimension, did She really expect me to drop my trousers and pants in front of Her. Well, yes She did, and i did without hesitation. It is testament to Mistress Vixen’s true dominance and how She had put me at ease that this so seemed the right thing to do.

I was now kneeling across the base of Mistress Vixen’s bed, my bare arse exposed and Her standing behind me with that whip. The following few minutes were glorious. Mistress Vixen slapped and spanked by bottom warming it up and then steadily increased the strength of Her whip strokes to a point where i said it was really quite painful, i wish i had gone at least one level higher now. Mistress Vixen interspersed the pain with oh so gentle caresses of her hands, and slightly rougher but still pleasant rubbing of her boots. My head (and other parts of my body!!) were clearly telling me i was enjoying this. The feelings i have had for years that i wanted to submit to a Mistress were true, this felt so good. When i had reached my limit Mistress Vixen lifted her dress and soothed my arse with the bare skin of her buttocks, Mmm this was good. i was told i should get dressed and did so. Once dressed i was instructed to kneel and kiss Her boots, this seemed to natural now. We chatted a bit more, and i had one more opportunity to kneel before Mistress Vixen and light another cigarette.

Just as i was departing webby offered to take a photo as a souvenir for me. i knelt next to Mistress Vixen whilst he took some photos. When these arrive i will really treasure them.
As soon as i got back to my flat i took photos of my arse, the welts were now standing out well. For a couple of days my backside tingled as the welts slowly faded. 4 days later there was still a little bruising, but it has faded all too fast, i was proud of those welts!

At the beginning i said i didn’t want this to be a fawning sycophantic account, but i was so impressed i find it difficult to pinpoint any negatives. So after much thought here are two.

– Mistress Vixen smokes far too much for Her own good, but then that does give us the opportunity to kneel before Her and light them!
– Mistress Vixen had a small thumb sized slightly brown bruise on Her right buttock.

Honestly apart from that the time i spent with Mistress Vixen was a few minutes in heaven, i am extremely grateful for the time Mistress Vixen gave me.

So in summary, i was blown away by Mistress Vixen (and webby) they made me very welcome, Mistress Vixen by Her actions confirmed in me my desire to submit to Her. It really was one of the best experiences of my life, how much better would a real session be? i will definitely book a session with Mistress Vixen before long, if She will have me. My only dilemma is i badly need a new laptop computer for which i am saving my pennies. Maybe if i pay for one, Santa will bring along the other!?